Dirk isn't the only leather-clad babe in town anymore.

Didn't you know Justin and I are twins? We're both headstrong and we were arguing over who was going to be born first. Justin made it out ahead of me, but I, in my first Xena-like maneuver, lassoed him with his umbilical cord--leaving him a little dain-bramaged at birth.

It's why I'm such a protective younger-sister to him. I admit I have a little, tiny, teeny twinge of guilt...but not really that *big* a twinge because, hey--he's basically happy, so why feel guilty? Right? Right?

EXCITING NEWS!!! Xena has decided that the pen is mightier than the sword -- at least sometimes. Yes, Xena's alter-ego, Linda Chapman, has just published an honest-to-goodness fantasy novel entitled AVATARA, "a sweeping novel encompassing love, betrayal, intrigue, and passion---promising the reader a journey of mind and soul." Gabrielle would be green with envy!

Read excerpts from the novel.
Linda Chapman
Who is this Linda Chapman person, anyway?
Autographed Picture
Come admire my autographed picture and letter from Duncan Regehr. Look, but don't touch!
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